“Well THAT went well”
-Pat (Silver Thimble Quilt Co.)

Remember these? Planted just 6 short days ago. Taking to the new earth and the cow poop we dumped in there with them. So happy to be getting ready to produce wonderful tomatoes for our family enjoyment.

Remember her? The sweet doggie I saved from the evil VET who thought she was ready for the shot that would send her to her eternal DIRT NAP! (photo dark she was sleeping on her princess pillow!)

Well, we don’t call Sophie “Osama Bin Doggie” for nothing. Aside from the fact that she looks like the said terrorist…SHE ACTS LIKE HIM TOO! She dug up the baby tomato plants and slung them all over the #$%^&* yard. I had to go buy new ones and we put up a little string fence (she won’t jump it she has arthritis).

That went well……..My tomatoes will be delayed by 6 days…

As God is my Witness that dog will never dig up my plants again! (I’m from Atlanta ya know?)