Just For You

Work is love made visible.
-Kahlil Gibran

If you have any doubt about the joy and comfort quilts bring to peoples lives I will invite you now to my guilds annual Just For You event. We make quilts for Childrens Health Care of Atlanta at Scottish Rite Hospital. We make lots of um! (339 and counting) Yesterday we turned in our quilts and they were displayed in the sanctuary of Cannon Methodist Church (that is where we meet monthly).

Everyone went upstairs to the sanctuary and walked around looking at the quilts. We sat down and the pastor of the church asked us to get up and go stand next to a quilt and place a hand on a quilt. He then gave a lovely blessing for the quilts. It was a moment people I’m just sayin…

We had a speaker who talked about her child who was a very sick baby (won’t go into the details but…oh MY!). As it turns out, she is actually a member of the church and did not know it at the time that the quilt was made by a member of our guild. She talked about how much it meant to see her baby wrapped in a bright and happy quilt and the immense kindness of strangers. She felt the healing power of prayer and was so grateful for the generosity of others. Her child is better and undergoing treatment for A Typical HUS. For now he is an active toddler but he will have this disease for life and they are unsure where the road to a cure will take them.

I guess the main point here is this…..If you have any doubt about participating in charity quilts. If you think you don’t have time….Put aside the doubt, find the time, and jump in there and whip up a quilt for some unknown stranger. You won’t be sorry. I promise.

And here is Debbie. She chaired the Just For You committee for the past two years, and prior to that she was the person who came up the idea of doing this project for the guild 9 years ago. (Her son had been quite sick and spent some time at Scottish Rite, and he is a happy and fine young man now 🙂 She is a special person and a very special friend.

If you have any interest in making a quilt for this wonderful cause get in touch with me. We gladly accept quilts from anyone who would like to contribute!

Sewing today andTHINKING ABOUT some new little quilts for the hospital…next year. JUST FOR YOU!

PS…and there is Melisa waving at me cuz she is on a plane RIGHT NOW going to quilt market. And yes I’m sad cuz I’m not there!!!