No Big Dance for Me

Work and live to serve others, to leave the world a little better than you found it and garner for yourself as much peace of mind as you can. This is happiness.

-David Sarnoff

I have been sewing away today with some interruptions. Of course! nothing drastic, it comes with the territory of having a home business. The perks FAR OUT WAY the problems believe me! Today was funky star and bazillion half square triangle day.

I’m having a bit of a hard time these days you see….I made a decision a few months ago that was a good decision for me and my design company but now the reality of it has come home to roost. My decision you ask??? I’m not going to the big dance next week in Minneapolis. Sitting out Spring Market…Stayin home…WORKING ON MAJOR and most wonderful projects that will all be revealed in their own time. But the decision is still difficult. Am I doing the right thing? maybe…maybe not…. is it a gamble???oh heck yeah….

The decision was made and now I have to read all the blogs about market and wish I was there. Oh well I’m going to be in Houston with big stuff and loads of new things with great changes and a whole new look. I think I’ll have a marching band playing beside my Fall booth..whoop whoop. My heart will be at Spring Market but alas I will be here in Atlanta working toward a big FALL.

How is this for a funky star?