Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect….it means you decide to see beyond the imperfections.

The first rule of blogging is not to whine about not having time to blog. Ok so that is it…read between the blogging lines. WHEWWW.

I have been sewing, yes sewing, and working on SEVERAL wonderful and secret projects. I think this should be the first rule of blogging. We should not HAVE to keep secrets. %^&*()^&*^&**(. It is not nice, wrong and I hate it.

That being said today was flying geese, nine patches, half square triangles and some redesigning. The design process is so much fun but things change along the way one has to learn to not set things in stone, be flexible Pat, Relax…let it happen, quilts are funny that way. The fabric and and process takes on a life of its own. Just about the time you have it all planned out. BAM you decide to go try something different! Here is a peak at some sewing done by my friend BJ she won’t mind if I use this photo cuz I cropped out the secret stuff. I bet you would like to punch me right about now!

Tomorrow I’ll spill the beans about a decision I made a few months ago that was difficult to say the least. Right now, I need to sleep the dang committee is in over drive these days waking me up at all hours of the night with visions of new quilts dancing in my head. Can you come over and help me sew? I’ll be awake about 3:30 am.