This Little Piggy

First you jump off the cliff and you build your wings on the way down.

-Ray Bradbury

I think I said I was going to post this give a way on Saturday, or maybe it was Friday. My days are blurring into more days. Of the last 72 hours I have spent 44 hours in my sewing room. SEWING! OH MY! I will be going back upstairs to sew today, Sir Quilt Dude is on the golf course so I am going to have a great time sewing and watching some Net Flix movies. Today is “Victoria and Albert and Music and Lyrics.” I want to be entertained and see some good costumes I don’t want any movies that make me think or anything blowing up!

Well here it is my THIS LITTLE PIGGY DID NOT GO TO MARKET give a way. I have enjoyed reading the market posts but frankly I’m still…well…I miss it. I know I made the right decision but, you know. It is that second guessing stuff. So, for all you wonderful bloggers I have some prizes for you!!! Pretend you are at Market and enjoy:

A Layer Cake from April Cornell
(imagine you got this at market Sample Spree aka Trample Spree)

A Mitering Ruler from Marti Michell(because at Market you see all the latest kool notions!)

A little wool kit from Bareroots (for fall, ya’ll) (another visit to the market floor)
Stars All Around Us,book from Cherie Ralston
(all the new books are rolling out at market, here is one I got some time ago..I loved it sooo much I bought the dang thing twice. Nuthin wrong with me, nope. I made the alphabet quilt in this book but you will have wait to see it if I come to your guild sometime!! teehee)

Oh and guess what! Sir Quilt Dude wants to clear out some of the patterns in stock(new stuff is coming) so he said at dinner last night, he would offer my patterns at $6.00 each (regularly $8.50, buy four and he will pay the postage. You can order them from my web site anytime from now until Memorial Day Monday.


Here are the rulz. Post a comment on this blog and you get your name entered. There you go! You have until Wednesday night Midnight EST. (I have limits as to how late I will stay up people). I will announce the winner on Thursday morning after I have some coffee.

That was easy! Going to sew now.