38 Wonderful Years

Marriage is more than just the word love
It is trust, honesty, and friendship-
Gifts sent from Heaven above.
-Dana Roberts Clark

Anniversary…celebrations, remembering a date, marking a special event. Anniversaries are fun and wonderful but a LIFETIME of marriage and love and work commitment and raising a family cannot be described..cannot be celebrated enough one special day on the calendar is simply not enough time to celebrate to sum it all up. We choose to celebrate everyday!!!

I am blessed beyond measure. Lucky? No Luck has nothing to do with it. Commitment, faith love, respect, passion, laughter, friendship, support, work, joy,advice, pleasure, determination, communication, and prayer, each of us giving 100% or when the other person can only give 80% then stepping up and giving 120% living with the natural ebb and flows of life!!! Luck..only a part of it…

Happy Anniversary Sir Quilt Dude 38 YEARS. Young love is beautiful but A LIFE TIME of LOVE AND MARRIAGE is soo sooooo much more beautiful……AMAZING.