Birdie applique’

It’s never too late-in fiction or in life to revise.
Nancy Thayer

I’ve been sewing and enjoying many hours in my sewing room. I have a new favorite tool. Do you have one of these??? It is a glue stick with fabric glue in a pen style? I love it for folding and holding the pointy and rounded corners of an applique’ piece. I use the freezer paper with waxy side out so that I can iron the turned under seams, but the points and corners need a little “extra love” so that is when I use my trusty glue pen. WORKS GREAT! I really like the edges of the applique’ to be turned to the back. I would love to hand stitch them but alas…I must bring these projects to the finish line PRONTO! Many more are on deck and waiting, but then I told you that before right?

Here is a little birdie all ready to be stitched..GOTTA love the POLKA DOTS! After I stitch it down using teeny tiny blanket stitches I slit the back and pull the freezer paper out and it is wonderful and not so heavy with layers of fabric…quilty feeling PERRRFECTO!

Isn’t this cute? Yes the birdie will have a beak and wings in little legs…’ll see…….

I’ll do more hand applique’ when I’m in the nursing home waiting for them to come change my diapers…Until then it’s pedal to the medal….