“Feeling grateful or appreciative of someone or something in your life actually attracts more of the things that you appreciate and value to your life. And, the more of your life that you like and appreciate, the healthier you’ll be.”
-Christine Northrup, MD.

Getting a gift is a special thing…giving a gift is even more better! (do not contact an English teacher I know what I just typed is an infraction).

I got this very special gift from Karin…She knows me…she loves me….she captured my inner princess to a tee. I’m wearing this while sewing. I love it. Sir Quilt Dude is getting worried. DD thinks her mom has finally crossed the line. I don’t care cuz I love it. AND ITS

I won a blog give a way from Jocelyn. This was extra fun because she won a blog give a way from my blog last year. Holey Moley look what I won. This adorable tote/purse all decked out with a covered button and cutie patootie ties and a bazillion pockets stuffed with goodies. I’m telling you it was like Christmas morning around here.

So picture me walkin down the street with my tiara and new purse. I know you wish you could go quilt shop hopping with me all decked out right??