It is neither wealth nor splendor but tranquility and occupation which give happiness.
-Thomas Jefferson

They are gone, I will miss them and their legions of hammers, their boots on the stomping overhead,the empty water bottles and McDonalds trash in my yard. I will miss their sweet voices speaking in a language I never studied. I will miss the hammer that came crashing through the ceiling of my two story great room and the scaffolding they came in the house with to repair their damage. We have a new roof (and a new ceiling!)…BIG DAD GUM DEAL. I would rather have another sewing machine..and I don’t need that either.

Thank you so much to everyone who wished us a happy anniversary. We had a super one. Mary Beth got us some take out because we could not get out of the house for the above and I mean literally ABOVE reasons.

I am teaching today at A Scarlet Thread today. Will take my camera. They have some super quilts hanging.

Ok for all you soccer fans it is WORLD CUP TIME!!! USA vs Gr. Brittan today at 1:30. GOOOAALLLL!!!!!!!!!! I’ll shut up now ok. Lets get back to the important stuff like quilting.