It’s gonna be a long day…..
-Pat/Silver Thimble Quilt Co.

What is going on at my house? Well, we had some hail damage and we are getting a new roof. (on a 3 year old house!we are soooo happy!)

Soooo there are 20 people with crap everywhere..ladders…hammers and a big van that unloaded workers like a clown car in my driveway. None of them speak English either. The pounding and hammering began at 7 am sharp. Sophie is unglued she is a Schnauzer and feels the need to bark every 6.5 seconds to tell me that there are strangers in the yard and overhead. Today is her birthday so she thought we were going to go to make our annual trip to Dairy Queen…nope the clown car is blocking me in…….I have plantation shutters and have slammed everyone of them shut so it is like I’m in a cave……Oh Lordy the noise is incredible. I was going to sew all day (big surprise!) My sewing room is upstairs so I thought I would get even closer to the noise. I wish you were here is sounds like the entire Russian Army is marching across the [email protected]#$%^&*( roof.

Here is my plan…I’m going to give Sophie a benadryl…then I’m going to give myself 4 of them. If you don’t hear from me by tomorrow call 911 ok. OH MY THE SHINGLES ARE BEING RIPPED OFF THE ROOF NOW AND THEY ARE SLIDING DOWN THE ROOF. Santa and the Reindeer have landed!

photos to follow..maybe I’m afraid to go out there I’ll be konked in the head.