Kim’s quilt

I am so clever sometimes I don’t understand a word of what I am saying!
-Oscar Wilde

Lookie! This quilt was made by Kim for a college student friend of her son…OH GOODNESS. I thought for sure that she had paper pieced it…but NO! I hope this quilt gets the respect it deserves and doesn’t come home in the back of a truck serving as a wrapping for a washing machine…and does Kim know they tend to consume beverages that come in Keg form? I’m very worried about this lovely quilt. I would go get it but Kim is proud that she made it with U.K. colors. We tend to like Red and Black around here UGA …GO DAWGS!

Here is the project we will be working on next month. Melisa at Sweet Home is kitting it up. It is from Kim Diehl’s book Simple Pleasures. If you want this kit. Follow the link and get in touch with Melisa. She can fix you right up.

In August we are making this beauty. Kitted up by Mary Ellen @ Little Quilts.. yes sir! My skirt flew up and I fainted! It is a goodie. Twenty zillion flying geesies!!! We will be putting our Wing Clipper rulers to good use, yes we will!

Chris and Deanna paid us a visit they were on our side of Atlanta and came to check out what the Thimbles were up to. Chris brought this quilt to show. It is my Ga. Hoe Down pattern and the quilt is so great. But is Chris! Deanna is a hoot. I swear that girl wakes up happy everyday!!!

I am the luckiest quilter in the world. These quilts make me so happy to be a part of the quilting community. I just sit back and watch them appear before my very eyes! INSPIRATION.