New bed

The future isn’t what it used to be.
-variously ascribed

I went and bought this bed…sight unseen..from a photograph…I think I have lost my mind. I better like it or I’m in big KING SIZE BED trouble. We got a new mattress and box springs for our bed and took the old mattress which was in pretty good shape, bought a new 4″memory foam and put the bed in Emily’s room. Her room is large and can accomodate a King bed nicely and she and Russ were a bit crowded in her double bed (or so I’m told)…So off I went to find a bed. I liked this one but it was not on the showroom floor so..I bought it anyway from a dad gum picture. Talk about a gamble. I must have lost my mind! If I don’t like it I’m not even going to let them take it off the truck. I’ll have to wait until July 3rd delivery date. Until then..I’ll just pray.

The next issue is making a king size quilt for the bed. I hate making quilts that are as big a Omar the Tent makers house! King size quilts are a big lot of hassle…But I AM QUILTER…I AM STRONG RIGHT????It will be a while till I have time to do this until then I have a king size Christmas quilt I’ll just throw that on the bed and we can keep Christmas in our hearts year round….as the saying goes.