Showie and Tellie

I’m trying to arrange my life so that I don’t have to be present.

I promised some showie and tellie from Silver Thimble club meeting and a promise is a promise right? Here is the deal these ladies are whippin out the quilts so fast and I am jumpin around the room so fast (well not so much jumpin and reeeealy not so fast) that I can’t remember who did what. Plus I’m concentrating on my photography skills!

This is Pam who was talking about making this table runner on our Paducah trip. She really did a great job. She was using the brain God gave her to make those angles purrfecto. She loves Math…we have sooooo much in common. Pam = math, Pat = Sponge Bob Square Pants.

This is Linda..I think it was Linda…She was holding up a Snibbles pattern…I think it was Snibbles…I hope it was because I really like Carrie and her dog Miss Rosie. And Linda is my friend too!!!

Here is Suzanne’s red and cheddar/yellow quilt. It is wonderful…and quite large…and spectacular. I really like the ring of nine patches and the lighter value fabrics..kinda makes the quilt sparkle. Yup!!! its a good good goodie! I think the pattern is from the most recent “American Patchwork” Magazine and it is called “Salsa”. Suzanne made this quilt and I made a bowl full of homemade salsa…

Now this beauty is half of two Cathedral Window sections that a friend of Mercidene gave her to sew together…I think the person who made this has passed away and is in heaven looking through the REAL cathedral windows…holy beautifulness! This baby was in pristine condition too. Fabulous people..amazing..I’m not exaggerating!!! It was going to steal it but then that would be wrong, and I would never get to heaven.

And we have more excellent photography through the eyes of Silver Thimble Quilt Co….sheesh

Keepin the blog REAL folks!!!

More showie and tellie later!