Start slow and taper off.
-Walt Stack

What a great show and tell we had this weekend. I will send a few photos along for the next couple of days. The Silver Thimble Club never ceases to amaze me with a fabulous showing of quilts. I love to see the twinkle in their eyes when we sing the Celebrate song for show and tell. While there are many to show I want to show one very special quilt …..

We have a new friend named Terry who took a beginner class from me at Sweet Home. We had our show and tell and later on in the day I was showing her how to make bias binding and how to sew it onto her quilt. I said “Why didn’t you show your quilt during show and tell time?” Well, she gave me the I’m just a beginner aka I am not worthy shpeal. Well…do you think that one was going to get by MOI!!! No NO NO. I called the classes attention and we sang for her!

And today she is the lead off quilt on my blog…Isn’t this a wonderful FIRST QUILT???? WAY TO GO MISS TERRY. Congratulations you have a quilting home with the “Thimbles.”