Vistors to the Sewing Room

I base my fashion taste on what doesn’t itch.
-Gilda Radner

I was up in the sewing room awaiting friends…they came through the door and LOOKIE!!!

Can you imagine! The quilt beautifulness was jumping out of bags! I almost fell down the bloody steps. Be still my heart. I’m dreaming about that log cabin Christmas quilt…sheesh I want it BAD.

A mini quilt show right in my foyer. Aren’t you glad I had my camera? I sleep with it now just like a good blogger should.

If you come to my house I hope you will bring quilts to show okay?You are invited anytime.

We had a lovely day sewing chatting…eating lunch…more sewing..more chatting. Staying out of the Atlanta heat up in my cool sewing room. It was nice to have friends sewing with me, I am usually alone up there in my personal paradise room which is fine..but my home is so happy when I invite quilters in. Fun fun fun…