July Thimbles

Dreams are the touchstones of our character.
-Henry David Thoreau 

 We had fun this weekend at Silver Thimble Club. Once again “The Ladies of the Club” wowed us, amazed us with a plethora of fantastic quiltyness. We begin the Stitch IN at 9am tomorrow! A six day marathon of sewing. Think of us, we all wish you could be there! We will hold the banner high and represent the quilters of the world as we sew our brains out. 

I will make an attempt to blog a bit and keep you informed as to our progress. I keep a tote board of bobbins expended and finished projects. It is big fun to see how much gets done in 72 hours of sewing x 38 people. sheesh……. 

Here is Carol and her paper pieced kimonos. I used to say there is quilting in heaven and paper piecing in Hell..but I don’t feel that way any more. Just so you know. Paper piecing and I are at peace with each other. Debbie will be happy I said that.

Linda with a beautiful quilt. I can’t wait to show you a house quilt she is working on! She better get hoppin on it cuz I want to see it.  Don’t tell her I said that she will think I’m pushy or something.

Suzanne finished another killer civil war repro quilt. It is grrrrreat! (I miss Tony the Tiger don’t you?)
And here is Susan with a fabulous quilt. WOW thought this quilt was so sweet! Nice two color quilt. Susan is moving to TN. Happy for her but we will miss her.

Brenda and Leisa challenged each other to a stitchery race. This is a Halloween spooky house quilt. The photo doesn’t do it justice. While Brenda was showing the practically completed top. Leisa walked in…it was hilarious. I guess you can figure out who won the challenge. Poor Leisa!
More adventures later. I gotta go pack the house for the Stitch IN.