Fourth,Family and Fun!!

Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful and believe to be beautiful.
-William Morris

A wonderful weekend with family and flags! I hope you all had a fantastic 4th of July. We cooked out and shopped (me and the girls), the guys played golf and we sat on the porch and enjoyed some family time. Very relaxing. No sewing this weekend…but it was never too far from my thoughts. Thinking of new designs have a way of occupying quiet moments of time. It’s just that way. It is JUST THAT WAY RIGHT?

My precious SIL (I love him very much so you need to have this photo of him) I love the way he loves my daughter too!

I digress sorry… well he loves “Low Country Boil” so I made a delish “Boil” and we ate outside on the porch. (there was beer drinking involved too).

We have been blessed with some fantastic “cooler” weather in Atlanta and we certainly took advantage of the break in the heat. We complain about how hot it is in Atlanta during the summer so it is only fair to shout it to the roof tops or BLOG TOPS when the weather is so nice RIGHT???

Emily ran in the Peachtree Road Race along with 55,000 other people. I decided not to run..I figure the percentage of quilters out there running can’t be too high so I’ll wait and run when there are more of MY KIND OF PEOPLE OUT THERE..ya know what I mean????

She came home and my BIL and SIL were here. Tricia had orthoscopic surgery on her knee..Emily’s knee and shins were hurting from running. So they both sat on the porch with legs elevated and bags of ice and frozen peas on the knees. Good thing baby nurse Mary Beth was here to help. We ate grilled burgers and grilled corn and all the fixins. We also ate our first tomatoes from the garden and boy were they good they got chopped up and eaten so fast I couldn’t get a photo! Emily counted about 60 more on the vines that are yet to come. I’m all about a tomato sandwich any day now!!!

On Monday the girls and I headed for

Well talk about a MUCHO GRANDE RETAIL EXPERIENCE. I had never been there..I mean people...this place was like a maze…so much stuff…sensory overload. I’m not sure if I loved it or hated it, I’m confused and a little bit scared. Have you been there? The organization ideas are amazing but the way they route you around the store…OH MY! and we had a map! I told the girls I felt like we should leave a trail of bread crumbs we might never find our way out!!!! Bottom line, we bought nothing, zero, nada..zilch. But I’ll go back for sure. (see what I mean…confused).

Back to quilting…the holiday is OVAH!