Give thanks, Watch what happens. Get excited. Open your arms as wide as you can to receive all the miracles with your name on them.

I was teaching at A Scarlet Thread this weekend and had a blast. Did a demo on the floor of the shop on the disappearing nine patch block. Dang if they didn’t make a dang, dang, dang, U Tube of me and the demo. I really need to wear lipstick that sticks! Haven’t seen it yet and hopefully I won’t. They were having a sale on pre cut Christmas fabric so the demo managed to cause a riot and a run on Charm Packs and Pancakes (Silver Thimble for Layer Cakes, I have my own lingo ya know. Charm Packs =Whatcha ma Call Its, Layer Cakes=Pancakes, Jelly Rolls = Spaghetti, 1 1/2″ rolls =Bun Buns, Triangles=Toast, Candy Bars = Fat Makers). When Moda decides to make pre cuts and name them Cheetos I will comply.)

Ok so here are some fun people I spent Friday and Saturday with…I just love them.

Lisa Marie and Sandra putting borders on a little quilt. I showed them how to measure the borders and THEY DID IT…No putting the borders on and whacking them off NO SIRREEE! Good girls!

And this is Stephanie…she is a hoot. See she has her quilt block on her own personal design wall. I have one too. Carry it with me everywhere I go. She was going to sew something else but got distracted by the Disappearing Nine patch demo..sheesh!

And then there is Shirley. I have two Shirley’s but I can’t seem to bring myself to call them Shirley #1 and Shirley #2…That would just be wrong. I love Shirley she came to the Friday class and the Saturday class. She is working on the quilt below. This is one classy wonderful lady I’m so happy she is my friend!

This is the quilt finished by Deanna. Deanna is so fabulous..and boy can she sew! She has lost soo much weight and is inspiring the rest of us. After we ordered pizza that is…I think I ate her piece.

This is my dear friend Pat…she was laughing because I asked her to make me a quilt that I love that is in the new book “Country Inn” by Blackbird Designs. I love me some Blackbird Designs. I didn’t think my request for the quilt was so funny.

So how is one supposed to teach and be focused on the lessons associated with quilting when one has THIS in the classroom? Talk about turning an alcoholic loose in the bar. 20 bazillion bundles. I was fondling and swooning for two days. I can’t take it.

See what I mean distracted??? Then there is Mona and Carol. Mona is sewing, Carol, well lets just say, she is the one NOT looking at her machine. There are no words to describe this dynamic duo. Side splitting laughter and warm friendly wonderfulness…sewing..and distracted YUP! I smile just thinking about them. Lady in blue shirt..Shirley (the other one) and a fun lady!

When you come to A Scarlet Thread and the Silver Thimble Quilt Club it will take you about 2.5 seconds to be our best friend. This is my solemn pledge.