July Thimbles Mtg.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
-E. Roosevelt

 The quilts and projects are flying up all over the room. After getting two tons of food and goodies, 500 pounds of ice, everyone arrived, settled in and the machines were humming. The laughing, jokes and general “I’m so happy to be here” comments were in heard everywhere. The Stitch IN is underway.  

I wanted to send you some pictures of the Thimbles Club meeting on Friday and Saturday. I’ll post some Stitch In photos later.

Here is a darling wall hanging by Susan. Those Bee’s really stole the show. She did a fantastic job with the applique’ cute cute cute.

Shelia with a blue and brown fabulousness. Look at the look on her face. She just got her own longarm and you would think she had a baby she is glowing with every quilt she quilts her self!  Her excitement just lights up the room!

This is Sue(right) and Carla (left) they are sidekicks and best buddies. Good thing too because at this moment I can’t remember who made the dadgum quilt. Oh well it will come to me later, like when I’m driving down the road trying to remember if I put on my bra.

Another great quit by Mercidene who got a new bama jama embroidery machine. she is glowing just like Shelia and her machine. I didn’t get a machine…but I glow on my own anyway.

Cindi finished her quilt for her nephew. She loves those kids. More glowing!
Look at this quilt (top). Found in a barn with 20 others…Elizabeth has a real treasure here.Some are in better shape than others but I was amazed at the workmanship. Some lady probably passed away before these quilts got quilted. There is a moral to this story people….THINK ABOUT IT!!!!

Kathleen pulled out quilt after quilt after quilt from her bag. All the while I was jumping around trying to fire up my camera…here is one of them….WOW she is cranking out the quilts for sure. Now they have all got to be quilted. See story above!!!!!!

An antique quilt Shelia showed “Nosegay’s” Someone said it was Ice Cream cones…It’s always about the food isn’t it people?


And this loveliness is moving along…one side finished…hand appliqued by the divine Miz Judy…OOOH LA LA those Chocolate Bunnies are good enough to eat for sure!

Our final photo…Karin…There are no words……..me thinks if that is a bikini she is going to need a bit more coverage. She hung it on her personal quilt rack.

OK must run…another 12 hour day of sewing awaits. Stay tuned.