Knoxville Quilt Show

Be ready at all times for the gifts of God, and always for new ones.
-Meister Eckart

 I went on a girl trip to the AQS show in Knoxville yesterday. Had a big fun day with friends and managed to add a piece of fabric or two to my stash. I kept it all within reason and did not blow the doors off the credit card…shock! Enjoyed seeing some beautiful quilts. I particularly enjoyed the exhibit from the applique’ society. I wish I could post some quilt photos but the AQS people will go ”  Mel Gibson”  on me if I do. 

I have a strict  policy when it comes to purchasing fabric. I never deviate from it. I live my quilting life and have achieved wonderful results from my fabric buying policy. I NEVER BUY FAT QUARTERS. Why? Well think of it this way. sing along..”  Give me LAND LOTS OF LAND”  dee da dee da da do.  You get it right? Why buy a fat quarter when you can buy 10 yards? right? So here is what I came home with.

I hate following those rules. 

Most of all I enjoyed getting away for a day and being with friends  laughing our heads off. Four people who all own GPS’s and do you think any one of us had it in the car???Heck no. Then asking people for directions. Four women who can’t remember nuthin anymore…I’m telling you it was hilarious. “”‘Turn Left, No turn right…Is this right? What did she tell us about this road? Look there is a Ben and Jerry’s lets just get an ice cream and forget about finding the cross stitch store”.  I decided the best policy was to sit there and shut my mouth and tell everyone I’m stupid and don’t ask me how to get anywhere cause I didn’t listen to the directions. I was  Switzerland so to speak.

It took me a while to ”  decompress”  and not feel guilty for leaving my sewing room. I was very glad we just made it a day trip. We were home by 8:30pm. So all in all it was a great day. 
Silver Thimble Club tomorrow and Saturday and then on MONDAY. The annual Summer Stitch In begins. The Stitch IN is just about as much fun as a human being can stand. We sew from 9am – 9pm for 6 days. Some people come for a partial week but the majority are there for all six days. You have never seen so many women having sooo much fun in one room. We play games and I will have prizes and surprises for all. Eating is involved. Diets are not exactly a good thing during Stitch IN week.  I will blog as much as possible next week with photos of our fun, just so you can wish you were there okay?