Off to College

There are days when you don’t have a song in your heart. SING ANYWAY.
-Emory Austin

Just a few thoughts and notes for today and then it is the day I have been dreading for weeks….baby girl is off to college for her last semester. She will be a RN soon (thank goodness cuz body parts are beginning to breakdown around here when you least expect it!). We have had a wonderful summer, it zoomed by all to fast. I will miss her terrible, awful, big time!  The good news is she has had a fabulous summer working in surgery as an Extern, it seems she loves to see folks cut open. (personally I cry when I have to cut open a seam). 

Here is some last minute news. Get on over to Pat’s blog she is giving away a “Go” cutter. Go ahead and register to win, but I’m telling you I will be the GRAND PRIZE weiner of this one. just sayin…hurry “GO on now..”