Stitch IN 2010 again!

Remember that not to be happy is not to be grateful.
-Elizabeth Carter

I have a few more Stitch IN photos to show you then I will not subject you to the fun,quilts,  laughter, quilts, fellowship,quilts, food, frivolity, happiness, friends, quilts, bobbins,games,quilts, prizes, joy, pleasure, quilts and general all around over the top wonderfulness. okay? Are you sick of it yet?

Carla’s batik fantastic quilt. Simple and every lovely colors. I really liked it. Too bad I was jumping up and down when I took the picture..hence the blurrrr.
A lovely quilt by Carrie who was having a birthday and came to spend it with us. SMART GIRL!

Sue made this one. Wow!!it has been said that there are two colors in this world. “Red” and “Ugly” so this one is for all you “Red” lovers.

I love this one Jane made. Very Turquoise and lovely. See that precious girl holding the quilt on the left. I love her too!

And now for some people photos. We played our finial game of Left Right Center. It is TRADITION just like Santa and the Thanksgiving Turkey. This year we made batik 9 patches. Everyone began the game when I asked them to put the nine patches on their QUILT RACKS for everyone to examine see.               
And here is the lucky winner. Posing for the cameras…SARAH and guess what. She is a two time winner. and there is more read on……….              
These are the COVETED, HONORED, SOUGHT AFTER, well lets just say these are the CA-CA jars so named after Cathy A. who was our  first double winner. She won the jar two years in a row so she has two JUGS of tiny scraps and block trimmings. As tradition has it when one wins a CA-CA must bring the jar back and place it on their sewing station at all future Stitch INS. It is to be kept in a safe place…FOREVER…. Well guess what. Not only did Sarah win the Nine Patch squares…she also won a CA-CA jug/jar. Yes she is one lucky lady. Now she has to keep this lovely award so we all will see it a future Stitch Ins and she has some crap scraps from each one of use to carry in her heart. Oh but the story does not end here…. CATHY WON A THIRD JUG JAR.  So now the award will be named the CA-CA-CA award. Photos to come (MAYBE/probably not). Chris won one too. She was thrilled. well kinda.      
And these are the weenies hot dogs.  I better not relay the conversations about this. Somethings are better left unsaid.