Stitch In Continued

Just to be is a blessing. Just to live is holy. 
-Rabbi Abraham Heschel

 Some of the photos of the amazing quilts that flew out from under the sewing machines of the Silver Thimble Stitch IN. The stories of the people and events of the week are even better. 

Teresa and Suzanne both made this quilt. Don’t you love a village of houses. I could just move right in.

Dick and Jane not bad for a AP Calculus teacher. That Sue she knows math really good, I taught her every thing she knows! haha I crack myself up.

This photo doesn’t do the quilt justice…lovely, bright, geometric…

There is that D9P. I love it every time I see it.  Good job Debbie.

Chris finished this batik beauty. She put killer borders on it and killed me it was so good
 Cathy and her “Salsa” quilt in cheddar and navy. Salsa from Amer.Patchwork magazine…She did a great job especially cuz she luvs to do diagonal set quilts!!! Holey Moley you should have heard her.
And here is Marilyn with her fall bed runner made from Jelly Donuts  Roll strips. I wonder if she will put pumpkins and gourds on the foot of her bed with the runner? maybe not.
Sir Quilt Dude has requested I make this quilt that Kristie made. Me thinks not…Wow it is sumthin…so is it’s maker.Count the squares now and get back to me on how many you see.

As for me…I was spent, tired, and needed Sunday  to “recalculate”…set my inner GPS and hit the ground running today. I began today with a 7am boob squish mamogram…WHAT WAS I THINKING? More tales from the Stitch IN tomorrow…Now I’m off to sew.