What a gift of grace to be able to take the chaos from within and from it create some semblance of order. -Katherine Paterson
Chaos well I wouldn’t describe it like that but busy…fun…creative…crazy…mind blowing..tons of work, many hours in the sewing room…. that is a better description of what is going on right now. I have several projects going on at one time and I have had to stop the madness and bring some things to the finish line before thinking about any thing else.

I feel so sorry for the inhabitants of this house. They like to be fed on a regular time schedule and cooking is the last thing on my mind right now! Have you ever been so deep into what your are doing that you loose all sense of time, space and anything else that is going on in the world? I Kinda like loosing yourself to a fabulous book. All I can think about is what is going on in my sewing room right now!!! I really need to get a grip and put on some makeup and dress up and go outside…NAW forget it, I’m quite happy right here.

This is going on in my house right now…This is my little Sophie with her diaper on. She refused smile for the camera I think she knew she was “going on the blog”. 13 years old and right now we are trying to figure out if this is a infection causing her to “loose it” or if we have a problem (permanent problem).I’m hoping the meds kick in soon. I’m soooo not ready to deal with any big problems with her right now. By the way did you know that at Pet Smart the doggie diapers were $16.95 for 16 diapers…I went to Wal Mart and got 64 Pampers for $16.00 and cut the dang hole for her tail out of them. I’M NOT STUPID. Besides these diapers have Cookie Monster and all the other Sesame Street people.

Ok enough of the pet stuff you really don’t want to read about this I’m sure. Tomorrow I’ll post only about quilting…I promise.