August Thimbles

We can’t take any credit for our talents. It’s how we use them that counts.

-Madeleine L’Engle

We begin this show with the lovely Karman, and further proof that my photo skills are always at the top of my game. I’m thinking of buying a killer digital SLR camera. I think I’m ready don’t you?

Look at Lynn’s quilt she finished during the Stitch IN. WOW now this is so great. I love the way the black makes the batiks POP.

This is a future quilt by Karman. It is going to be great. We will see it soon I’m sure. (no pressure K)

Here is a Kaffe or Amy or somebody wonderful quilt. Funky and great! I think Karman did this quilt but then the mind gets foggy with so much eye candy.

Front of Shelia’s quilt very nice.
Back of Shelia’s quilt. I love me some pieced backs. Yes I do!

Kim who is giving this (another!) quilt to her sons college age boy. I hope he takes car of this cuz I WILL go Mel Gibson on him.

Brenda with her second Christmas quilt in two months. I will be spending Christmas night at her house. Zoom in maybe you can see the vintage SANTAS. cutie cute cute.

Mercidene and another batik fantabulous quilt. This photo does not do it justice. I don’t know why. It is so bright and fabulous.

HOLEY TINEYNESS. Look at the pen..look at the quilt…Look at the hand quilting….look at the applique…I seriously can’t take it. I took this tiny perfect thing and personally took it to everyone in the room. Karman made this…miniture marvelous. I can’t take anymore of this perfection.
Linda has such an eye for color and design. I love this quilt particularly the coverlet fabric in the center. It is terrific. She will not give it to me. I love her anyway!
Neutral…simple…fabulous…PERFECT. I love that dark inner border. Nice touch Sue!

Sue finished the Road To Romance quilt Stitch N’ Quilt kitted up for us back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. It was well worth the wait don’t you think? Good job Sue really good job….!

Can I have some Ceddar Cheese please? Red and CHED. Simply the best.
Lookie lookie the story on this quilt..Suzanne gave Julie two hefty bags of scraps. Julie made this KILLER Christmas quilt..from the dadgum scraps. My skirt blew up with this one and as for me. I am now hanging on to my 14 Hefty Lawn and leaf bags of scraps. Suzanne cried and wants her scraps back. 

The disappearing NINE PATCH. Always a crowd fav!

Cathy and her fabulous Lily Pad quilt kitted up for Silver Thimble Quilt Club by Patchwork Cottage! We really enjoyed this one. Sooo summery..without the HEAT!

That is all for now..loading these photos and getting them to appear right on my blog is getting on my last nerve. Can somebody come over here and fix ME? don’t  answer that.

PS. Don’t for get my GIVE AWAY…  just CLICKY THE LINKY