The Cat is OUT of the Bag!

Our aspirations are our possibilities.
-Samuel Johnson

So much to share and tell. First of all I want to have  a give away come and get it because the…. ” Cat is Out of he Bag.” 
I can now speak the words, I have permission to tell you and all the world…finally.. here it is…drum roll pahleezeeee…I am writing a book which will be published by the fantabulous people at…

My book will be out sometime next FALL,which seems like a century from now but we all know it will fly by and and feel like 10 minutes.  Here is a bit of the story. I’ve been soooo frustrated because I basically have been sewing and writing like crazy,and can’t share anything with my bloggie friends. Sewing and writing, WRITING AND SEWING, for the book and for Fall Market. Both things have to be kept secret. I contacted the editors at MARTINGALE (insert heavenly music)  and asked if I can blog about the ”  process of writing,”  ….got the big yes, go for it answer last Thursday! There is so much to be said here that I hope will interest you. I will put my thoughts down (and as you know I will have my own little spin on things). I’m excited to share my journey with you! Then there are preparations for Fall Market I will share that “process” as well. The frenzy for the book and market has begun with lots to talk about.

 Here are my prizes for you to enjoy.
Three specialty rulers 
1.A Pineapple ruler
2. A Kalieoscope Ruler
3. A Fast Flying Geese Ruler
A cute little cupcake stand, a cotton picker (love it), 2.5″ Triangles on a roll, a lovely journal to write in, a spool of Aurfil thread ( it) , and a layer cake of Deb Stains Winter Storm fabbies.

1. Give me a shout out on this posting (ok people I don’t have a  ”  Go”   to give a way…I don’t even own a ”  Go”   please don’t be disappointed) . Let me know that you would like to be entered and that will be your first chance.
2. Blog to your friends about my give away and you get two more chances!! (two more..yeah baby). Come back to this posting and tell me that you have blogged about it so I can read, AND read AND read. If you don’t have a blog just tell me and I’ll give you TWO extra chances too! (but seriously need to consider having a blog……just sayin)

3. If you are a follower or become a follower AND post to me about your following..well my sweet friends that means you get another chance.

I will choose the winner on Wednesday September 1st 6 pm EST and announce them Wednesday night! 
Good Luck everyone I gotta go…I’m writing a book you know!