Computer Disaster

You must have been warned against letting the golden hours slip by. Yes, but some of them are golden only because we let them slip.
-J.M Barrie

I’ve been a tiny bit M.I.A. I was teaching a workshop Friday and Saturday for the Plantation guild in Hampton Georgia. I enjoyed spending some good quality time with this great group of ladies in the woods at the Calvin Center. The lodge/giant cabin we stayed in was pretty neat. All the rooms opened onto the sewing room. There were 30 people sewing there brains out and me yapping and teaching. Now that is my idea of fun! Many thanks to these terrific ladies. I feel like I have 30 brand new friends!

I wrote the beginnings of a post (see above) at 3:30 am (couldn’t sleep committee called a meeting again)..then all hell broke loose. My computer is a mess…I have been talking to tech support in downtown Bagdhad or some place. All my programs and files are somewhere on my computer but I don’t know what to do to fix my problem….did I mention I’m writing a book????? did I mention I’m having a fun give away on this blog.  Where are my pictures…where is my photoshop? Where is EQ7… WHERE ARE MY DAUGHTERS WEDDING PHOTOS??? If I were a drinker I would be under the table drunk right now.

The soonest the Geek guys can get here is Wednesday morning. And it is going to cost me large  $$$$$  Well at least I am able to find my blog on Internet Explorer…did I mention I’m a Mozilla girl…I can’t find my MOZILLA. Do you hear my callllllls….are you out blogging friends can I hear your voice?????…I can’t find my email………ok that is it……I GOTTA GET A GRIP…I have the manuscript for the book on a zippy thingy… and I have a second daughter I will save her wedding photos in a vault at Fort Knox. But where are my iTunes?

This is me signing off with no photos to show you of my retreat this weekend. I’m going to go to Kroger and get a giant bag of Cheetos, some Twizzlers, and a bottle of wine. I will try to post again…photoless…and possibly sick or hungover.