God has given us two hands, one to receive with and the other to give with.
-Billy Graham

I am in recovery…I am spent…I am filled to capacity….I am never going to be the same…Good bye…farewell…auf weiedersehen…I’m leaving the planet…I’ve had too much…its over.
I SPENT THE WEEKEND WITH THE SILVER THIMBLES of GRAYSON  GEORGIA… I CANNOT EXPLAIN THE FUN. THERE SIMPLY ARE NO WORDS. THAT IS IT…I’m going to the doctor tomorrow because my face is in deep pain from the permanent smile. And my heart won’t stop beating at Indy 500 speed.
…many photos to share. Get ready. 
 I also have BIG NEWS…so tomorrow come see me on my little bloggie I’m having myself a give away. The name of it shall be “The CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG” give away. 

As for today I must spend sometime in the sewing room. recovering.(and spending 40,000 hours downloading photos gadzooks)

Check this out!
Here are some swell links to a couple of Go give aways. Jump over and throw ya name in dah hat… but it is pointless cuz I’m going to win.

Karen over at Sew Many Ways is having a Go give away, she is sending her girls back to college so she needs us to cheer her on. Dang I just gotta win the Go.

Look in on Jackie’s blog. You will love it. She has got it goin on! Get it? “Go”