Road trip with the Queen of Little Quilts

The distance is nothing. It’s only the first step that’s important.
-Marquise DuDeffand

I can’t believe it is Thursday and I haven’t stopped to write a post. Where do the days go? Believe it or not I’ve been at the computer almost non stop Tuesday and Wednesday. What doing? Writing, writing and more writing. My eyes are popping out of my head. I love to write but it tends to fatigue. (This is NOT where you would want to remind me that I’m no spring chicken okay….)
When I went to Alabama on Monday with Mary Ellen I remembered my banjo for my knee and I slammed my camera in my purse. Well apparently the camera was “on” the whole time. I settled down when we were at the guild meeting to snap some photos of Mary Ellen and all the wonderful people of the guild…you guessed it…dead battery, which I had charged up special for the occasion. Sometimes I want to lay in the floor and just scream don’t you? Perhaps a good ol’ temper tantrum is in order. (this is where you will refrain from telling me temper tantrums are not so lovely given my age). 
So all I can tell you is that we had a ball and boy do those people in Oxford Alabama quilt. There were a ton of show and tells and really good quilts. (no lectures here about the camera thing okay). I even got to meet some bloggers and we are now BBF’s (best blogging friends, I’m going to get a lecture from my children about using chessy terms like BFF’s)
Mary Ellen, Alice and Sylvia (Alice and Sylvia are now retired)
Little Quilts on Roswell Rd in  the burbs of Atl.
Mary Ellen and Brenda Papadakis at L.Q.
I do want to share some stuff about Mary Ellen and Little Quilts. She talked about how Little Quilts began 25 years ago. What struck me was actually what I already knew… but hearing her talk about how the three of them (Mary Ellen, Alice and Sylvia) who began their business by kicking in $47 each and putting their money in a bean pot to begin their business. When I tell you that she is a quilt industry trail blazer…I’m not kiddin…She knows EVERYONE in Quiltdom and is a quilt celebrity for sure. She showed a ton of the quilts from the beginnings of her business in the early 80’s. She talked about the books they wrote and pattern development, and how they eventually opened a retail store 12 years ago. Originally, they were an exclusively wholesale business. If you are ever in Atlanta you MUST visit the store. First of all the dang place makes your credit card fly out of your pocket… the quilts and models are pure inspiration. They have a little room with a “Little Quilts” museum and a wall where visiting celebs have signed their names as they have come in for a visit. It is really koooool. One of my favorite things is that when you go to L.Q. you want to run home and sew something right away for sure, but if you return again in same a month. There is ALWAYS ALWAYS new things to see. They have trunk shows constantly and they change the models and quilts about every 5.1 seconds. PURE INSPIRATION…but then I said that right?  
At a very very personal level I happened to be blessed beyond measure to have Mary Ellen in my life as my friend and mentor. (I refer to her as “she who must be obeyed”…spoken with reverence and respect you know). Her knowledge about the quilt industry knows no boundaries and she shares it freely. As a designer working in the industry today she has helped me in ways I cannot count…I’m a lucky lady to have her as my friend and mentor. yup I am!!! 
This little story about LQ and Mary Ellen is something I want to do with my blog. I want to share quilts and the processes I use in sewing, designing, and working but mostly I want to share stories of the people I meet and their stories. (protecting their privacy of course) So that is what I will try to do..from time to time. Why??? because it is not always about the quilts right? Its about the people and the relationships right?  
Back to writing patterns…….wheww.