A Special Birthday and Other Stuff

If you ask me what I came into this world to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud.
-Emilie Zola

I just love the above quote don’t you??? The most important part of this day…is going to happen in 10 minutes it is currently 8:38 am…and at 8:48 am my baby girl came into this world 22 years ago. So as tradition in our home has it…I will call her at the moment of her birth and wake her college butt up and sing happy birthday to her…. I love family traditions don’t you? In honor of her birthday her face is the only photo for today. This tells her I love her more than quilts. AND THAT IS A BIG DANG DEAL.
I have been super busy sewing and designing several new projects. I can’t wait till I can share the finished pieces with everyone. I case you think I’m a slacker I’ll have you know that this week 4 quilts are off to Leisa to be quilted. I hope she is getting plenty of sleep cuz I want her long arm to be hummin. 
I was reading Carrie’s blog and she linked over to this blog about blogging more about the “process” we go through in our creative endeavors.  This really hit home for me on several levels so after reading both blogs and spending hours, days, contemplating this (ok it took 5 seconds) I took the pledge. See my little pledge button on my side bar thingy. I want to blog about lots of stuff but I will try to add more “process” oriented thoughts to my blog. okay? If this doesn’t work out we will go back to the cheetos and random thoughts. I have another bloggy thing I’m going to add as well…so stay tuned tomorrow I will explain.
Many thanks to all who have emailed me privately about my quilt that is in the current issue of McCalls Quilting. I was in the grocery store and saw the issue on the rack. The manager called the police because I was setting up a display with lit candles around it. I saw nothing wrong with this don’t you agree???