Taking the joy in life is a woman’s best cosmetic.
-Rosalind Russell

Ode to Productivity:
Begin morning 7 am. pour coffee head to computer to update blog
7:05:Decide to surf web for Mary E. fabric for sewing room
7:10: Fabric ordered, back to blog.
7:12: Need another cup of coffee (slurp slurp)
7:14: Better go throw in a load of laundry
7:20: Back to blog
7:25: Decide to make beds and do morning chores, blog will have 
          to wait.
8:15: Tired of chores sit down and check emails then update blog
9:00: Wow that was fun got some sale coupons from the web 
9:05: Shower and get dressed need to get out there and use the 
          coupons. Time to go shopping, will run out and get back to 
          blog fast.
10:00: Hobby Lobby (bought stuff for Fall Market booth)
11: 30: Joans ETC. (bought more stuff for Fall Market booth) 
12:45: Hungry better stop for some lunch
1:00: Stop by Office Depot for 2011 insert to planner (I really 
          need a IPhone or Droid..this is just OLD SCHOOL. 
1:30: They are having a sale at Belk’s and need some night cream 
           anyway. I’ll run in here and get right home to my blog.
2:45: Wow got some new shoes, night cream and two cute tops. 
          Time to go home and update the blog. 
2:46: Ooops forgot to pull out something for dinner. Stop by 
3:15: Kroger…. $150 in groceries
3:20: Home now unpack groceries, make salad for dinner, scrub 
          some potatos to bake. Get ready to update the blog
4:15: Pull UPS package off porch, try to remember which item I 
         ordered Monday…its here.
4:17: More fabric for the sewing room spruce up project. 
4: 19: Let’s just see if this is going to work in the sewing room. 
5:30: Sewing room looking great, time to update the blog
5:30: Fire up the oven for the baked potatoes.  Then head to the 
5:03: PHONE: Jan called, lets catch up I haven’t talked to you in 
6:15: Good chat with Jan better marinate the steaks. Then work 
          on the blog.
6:18: L called 
6:30: S called
6:31: Time to get those steaks on the grill and set the table.
6:32: Sir Quilt Dude home and hungry
6:50: Dinner ready  (late tonight..usually we eat at 6 but I’ve had 
          a busy day.)
7:30: Kitchen clean then get that blog post underway
7:45: MB called 
8:00 : M called needs me to meet her at Sam’s to pick up kits for 
          Silver Thimble Club. 
8:30 – Meeting with M at Sam’s it up. 
9:15 – home now lets post that blog 
9:17 – Thirsty how about a cold glass of tea
9:20 – Sir Quilt Dude says there are a couple of emails I need to check out (business related). No problem I’m going to update my blog any way I’ll do the emails first.
9:21: sit down to read emails and update the blog. More surfing ensues..
11:00 – So tired will update that blog tomorrow morning 6 am sharp. 

Yup…all in all,  a productive day wouldn’t you say????