There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm.
-Willa  Cather

Oh I love this quote..I love Willa Cather have you read this book?
Read this book…pahleezee its a classsic….you can find it at the library under classics teehee. By the way it is pronounced  An-toe-nee-ah
Here is what I have been doing. Sitting at my computer, writing, taking breaks and reading your wonderful comments on my “Cats Out of the Bag” give away. Trying to reply to them but I’m not keeping up. Staggering to bed trying to get some sleep and then starting the process all over again the next day. I haven’t been outside since Sunday, I haven’t seen the sun, I’m going to be Vitamin D deficient for sure.  I managed to cook a pot of Chicken Soup so now Sir Quilt Dude is clucking. Could be he is sick of soup. Ok so I’ll make a giant pot of Chili that should get us through till labor day. 

Speaking of cooking. I was making some eggs and bacon on Sunday morning (think of it as the last meal before the soup attack) I asked Sir Quilt Dude to “watch the bacon”   because I needed to check to see if my eggs were going to kill us (dear lord I don’t need to get sick at this time). During the brief time I was googling  Egglands Best he managed to burn the bloody bacon. Let me point out 3 things right here:
1. I don’t do burned food.
2. You know who does not even know which appliance is the microwave and can’t be trusted with a GAS STOVE with 5 burners and 2400BTU’s. Seriously, NOT GOOD. I have ruined the man.
 With my last pieces of bacon headed for the trash I said to him.” You need to take over the cooking and the shopping because if I die you are going to starve, I need to take over the finances,bills, and investments because if you die I’m going to be confused!”   
He looked at me and walked to the refrigerator and got some milk and his Cheerios. laughing all the way……..

When I die you will find my husband at either Coldwater Creek or Kroger looking for a new wife. Bring a picnic he will be hungry.