Back to Normal

It’s NEVER too late to panic
-Len on Dancing with the Stars tonight

The seige is over, life as we knew it has been restored…This is such a beautiful sight to me…my computer back up and running. AHHHHHHH. Did I mention that there are 11,793 emails in my inbox? and I’m NOT KIDDING. 
No tellin how far back they go. Please explain this to me. Those emails have long since been read, deleted, trashed…TOAST. Why did they come back? Does this mean that the VCR we tossed out 2 years ago will come back someday. What about all those rotary cutter blades? Can we ever say that we got rid of ANYTHING?? This is a very deep subject you should give it many hours of thought.  I’ll await your response but it may be a while before I read that email.

Here is another thought why can’t I just hit the select all …then delete the whole lot of them..Why do I feel I must give consideration to the 11,962 emails I have already read and deleted. HMMM. This is why I have a problem separating myself  from my scraps. Just can’t let go of anything.Perhaps I need help for this problem.

So much to share with you WITH PHOTOS….as for now. I’m happy ,to return to life as I knew it prior to the last 22 days.