Everything comes to those who hustle while they wait.
-Thomas Edison
My computer is in Georgia. At Best Buy..they are coming to reinstall everything between 12 and 4 on Sunday. I figure they chose Sunday for a reason. They must know that murder is less likely to happen on a Sunday. I did offer to pay for the entire Geek Squad to have a BRAZILIAN WAX.. The bill is on me..make that wax EXTRA HOT TOO! 
Oh well, as the quote above says..hustle which is what I have been doing. Pecking away at my book on my lap top. Sewing some final projects… trying to answer emails but that isn’t going so well either. All should be back up and running on Sunday night correct?  For the record it has been 18 days….
My friend Becky is having a splendid give away on her blog so hop on over there…she is a sweetie and a special lady in my life for sure!
Also, Nancy  contacted me about this.http://ibol.wordpress.com/ I am going to box up some fabric to send to the women of Iraq. I’m hoping that many of you will look into this and consider jumping in there with me. Check out the blog  right side bar there are instructions for boxing fabric up and using a flat rate cost (around $12.50 I believe). They are currently operating with an October 1 deadline for mailing so if you want to participate get some fabric together in a jiffy (no problem from here…I got fabric to spare!!) Certainly a gesture of good will from our country to theirs. Thank you Nancy for letting me know about this. Nancy if you are reading this JUMP IN THERE if I left anything out.

Silver Thimble Club meets tomorrow…guaranteed to be a great weekend! topped off with my LAST visit from any member of the Geek Squad. yup I’m done….