Fun with the sorority girls

All the dreams I prayed you’d be Are all the things you are. You were once my little girl and now my shining star.
-Author Unknown
 So adorable and so much fun. Yes these young women have learned the value of sisterhood. Now they need to learn to quilt..I’m workin on that right now!
We were here to visit this fabulous southern mansion which is home to the women of ADPi…A sorority founded in the South, in Macon Georgia in 1851 (I think). For all the stories and quite often myths that surround Greek life on a college campus I certainly see soooo much good here. These young women work to benefit their communities and campus life. (much like the community or quilters..I really do see strong similarities)  The Greeks are the most active of all the groups on campus and do some wonderful philantropic work. They entertained 180 guests this weekend with charm, grace and STYLE!!! We had a blast.        
Isn’t this house fantastic? Where is Scarlett and
Rhett??? I think I should live in this house!
Also, the girls and boys get all dolled up for the football games. Young men wore shirts and ties and the girls were in all manner of cute attire…and it was hot…sheesh. For those of you keeping up the fashion trends..this is what you need to get. (no these are not my legs..dang it) I saw about a million girls in skirts and cowboy boots. I’m going to get mine today. Keep up quilters we don’t need to be behind the the rest of the world!
Sewing binding in the car like crazy and I’m back to work today. Taking a little breakie to say hi and HAPPY MONDAY….