If you want a place in the sun, you have to put up with a few blisters.
-Abigale Van Buren

It is Wednesday…days are flying by me so fast I can hardly keep up. I make a to do list everyday and tell myself the sun will not set on my daily list. If I don’t do this I will probably show up at Houston quilt market with no clothing…oh but wait I did that in Salt Lake!! yup got on the plane with my suitcase left at home…swell.  Life is such a great adventure don’t cha think?

I wanted to show you what I have been doing. Can’t show everything in its full splendor.
I love buttons, I mean, I reeeelllly love buttons big uns little bitty’s..colors..shapes I just love buttons.
I have learned the hard way not to dump my little friends on the table. Put them on a tray..but here is a lesson. Don’t put the tray on your lap and quickly answer the phone..not good, ask me how I know. This would fall into the category of aerobic exercise for the day. Those little suckers can bounce way across the room too!
While I was working sewing many many many buttons my friend Sandy came over and said ”  Why don’t you sew those on with your machine it is so easy!”   (I tried to act really cool …”Well I like to sew them by hand cuz I really love hand sewing”   not wanting to appear uninformed but she saw right through that she knows me too well.) Then she showed me.Sandy saved my life and my schedule. See TO DO comments above. whewww. I was slammin those buttons on my project so fast. I loved it.
 If you ever need some buttons call me I’m there for you.