Its all GEEK to me…

Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence….Persistence and Determination alone are omnipotent.
-Calvin Coolidge 

Computers what a wonderful thing they are. If you have ever had extreme computer issues you would understand my concerns and frustrations over the last week. But here is an even more frightening scenario…go without….and find out how deep your  addiction is the internet and “being connected.” I found out and I’m not even as connected and addicted as half the people I know. BE AFFRAID BE VERY AFFRAID…..
OK so I promised to tell my computer story so here it is. (does this count as a process? I did take that pledge thing you know)
There once was a quilt designer named Pat who loves to sew with her iTunes and books all loaded in and ready to go. Could not open iTunes now what is up with that? I won’t bore you with the details but after mulitiple attempts I consulted an online help resource. BIG MISTAKE…HUGE. The process they sent me down resulted in WIPPING out my computer…programs, files everything…EVERYTHING PEOPLE!!! While I was concerned to say the least, I was not ready to kill myself (that comes later).  I do have an external hard drive and thought I was okay. maybe…prayer is good at this point. 

I decided to call the Geek Squad because they had installed my new computer and external drive and hooked it all up with my laser printer (remember this is a business here). Got me all fix up and running just peachy two years ago. I have an awesome computer with TONS of memory and major speed. So I get my Geeks out here on Wednesday to fix me back up…my call was between 8 and 12…he arrived at 1(I didn’t stomp my foot or loose my composure yet). My Geek was a hottie which helps. I baked him some cookies I thought that was a nice welcoming touch..get things started out right so to speek.
Mr. Geek went clicky clicky clicky on my puter. Then the blood drained from his lips and face. 
“WHAT” said I.
“Your external hard drive has not been backing up anything”…at this point the oxygen was leaving the room..
“Since when” I said. 
“But I check the little bar thingy periodically and it was moving showing I still had some room on the drive” 
“Well the last time it saved anything was in 2008” and he checked  the Geek records, and guess what… the last saved file matched the date of the install.
“So what now” the hives are beginning to form and my tongue was swelling, sweat beads were also forming…
“Computer needs to be disconnected and sent away to have a full system restore”
“And how long does that take?
“Around two weeks” 
The oxygen is now gone from the room and I am beginning to hyperventalate. I fell off my chair and hurt my head when I banged it on the desk.
“$299. – $700” 
I peed on myself.
“And who pays for this ERROR in THE INSALLATION” insert frustration in voice and music from Jaws movie but still not yelling or swearing aren’t you proud of me?
“You will have to take that up with Geek central”
My little hottie looked very scared. But he was oogling the photos of my daughters while talking to me.  He asked me about was in her wedding dress and the other he would like to meet…I tried to slapped him but he was younger and faster.

So, off I go. Leaving sewing that needs to be done and market prep and there is that slight matter of a book in the works….Holey Moley I’m in serious trouble here……….it is now 2:30. day is slipping away.

At the Geek place..They are all over themselves about this computer and the wrong install. They are “Expiditing and Escallating” the restore process..Who knows if I will actually get the computer back sooner…I let them have it…I mean I lost it…They know where I stand and there were lots of people around listening to the story. (I may have throw myself on the floor a couple of times and flopped around like a fish, frothing at the mouth)  I’m prepared to fight it. Bottom line they cannot waive any costs at the store level..I have to fight it out with headquarters. Which I will. Yesterday I just blogged and went to my sewing room and stayed put with some decompressing. I knew if I call the numbers I have and started the fight I would be too angry. So I will start now. I’ll be nice I promise. kinda.

Ok the moral and thank goodness. In addition to my external hard drive, I have most everything backed up to discs and flash drives.(Geeks don’t know that). My programs will have to be reinstalled. PLEASE NOTE THIS>> even if you have the discs for the programs, if you don’t have the product key number on the outside of the box..your disc is worthless..put your product numbers on the front of the disc people! You don’t have to save the bloody boxes… My biggest worry right now is my contacts in my Windows Mail (formerly Outlook Express), I need that restored for sure! Going forward, I WILL be signing up for an online back up service ASAP. 
 Pat’s Silver Thimble Computer Back up Plan 
(aka we ain’t going down this road again plan.)
 1. I will have a WORKING external hard drive. Or I will be in jail for murdering the Geek Squad.
 2. Back everything up to discs
 3. I will have an online back up service as well
Ok the fight begins in 10 minutes, I need more coffee first.(I have eaten all the cheetos, twizzlers and drank the wine..thanks for your kind words)

sorry this post is so long but it felt good to tell the story.