Project Thimble

Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination.
-William Longgood
I’m going to buy a cord thingy for my camera so I can upload photos to my promise. As for today it is no photo Monday Tuesday. I just love Monday holidays I’m going to be screwed up all week. 
Still no word on my computer, tomorrow will be one week. They SAID it could take up to 2 weeks but then they also SAID they were expediting and escalating the job. They SAID the fees for all this will be determined when the job is finished. So I have two weeks to prepare for the fight battle WAR. Every day I remember more things that I want recovered, while I have the very very most important stuff backed up, I do NOT have my emails/contacts and stuff…I have a hard copy of my address book but dang can you imagine what a pain in the patookie that is going to be typing all those addresses into a new list. HOLEY MOLEY.. I’m just mind blanking it right now okay?
Since I don’t have any photos to share I will start my “process” blogs about the book. Also, this whole journey feels a lot like “Project Runway”, if you watch that show then think of developing a whole collection of quilts/projects and sending them out into the world for the world to judge, therefore I have decided to call these process blogs “PROJECT THMBLE” I will begin at the beginning a very good place to start (dee dah dee I watched the Sound of Music this weekend  WHILE I WAS SEWING  for the nine zillionth re mi, do re mi).
On November 8, 2009 I sent my book proposal to Martingale & Co.I considered and researched all the publishing companies out there in the quilt industry and I felt Martingale would be a great “fit” for me and the concept of the book.  The proposal took some time to write. I downloaded the document from their web site and went to work. They “suggest” that you send quilts/projects with the proposal as it helps the committee when they discuss your project. Of course this took time as well, designing, getting the quilts quilted etc. I sent 2 quilts and a smaller project, had the proposal document spiral bound at Kinkos, took it to church and had holy water sprinkled on it and the quilts, considered including a bag of cheetos or some twizzlers but nixed that idea…they didn’t need to know about “that side” of me just yet right???? They say it takes up to 90 days to hear from them regarding the proposal. So I figured I would hear something around mid February…wrong.. It too a little longer than that. I did hear from them around the first of March and they said they were still working on the proposal and concept. I wrote some of my extended ideas in an email and waited some more. I was sitting at my computer one evening (first of April) talking to Mary Ellen and up popped an email that said “book proposal”. I gasped and told Mary Ellen that it was there. She said “OPEN IT, NOW” I told her I was afraid to look. So she said ” Forward it to me and I’ll read it to you…” That was silly so I opened it and read it … “happy to inform you…we look forward….contract to follow in a few weeks….” I peed in my pants hung up on Mary Ellen… I was jumping up and down screaming, sir quilt dude was so happy he dropped the remote….At this point my only thoughts at that time were the thoughts of a career teacher!!!!
“I’M GOING TO HAVE A NUMBER IN THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS”. I suppose that is my respect and high regard for the written word coming through, I’m a reader, I love books….I still can hardly wrap my mind around it.

Next….the gathering of fabric…be afraid be very afraid…