All you need is deep within you waiting to unfold and reveal itself. All you need to do is be still and take time to seek for what is within, and you will surely find it.
-Eileen Caddy

First let me apologize for not posting the winner of my “Cat is Out of the Bag” give away last night. I will tell you the story of a computer and confusion later. There are lessons for all of us here.. all I have to say right now is that Sir Quilt Dude posted my bail and got me out of jail LATE last night (had a little scene in Best Buy,I spent the night in jail with Mel Gibson).I drew the winners number from the random number thingy, but had to get the router hooked up this morning so I can post from my lap top.
The winner of my give away is  WINONA!!!! I had a nine page list of numbers and hers was the one the computer pulled #61. (I would show you a picture but see above…computer issues.  You are going to have to trust me on this.)
Please let me say a few words about this give away and my blog. I can’t thank all of you enough for entering, blogging about it on your blogs and telling your friends. This blog has become such a blessing in an already abundantly blessed life. It never ceases to amaze me that anyone would read my ramblings and thoughts about my quilt life, family etc. Thank you all and I hope I will be worthy of any time you choose to spend with me in this busy crazy world we all enjoy.
I am struggling to get emails out for some reason I cannot reply to your postings which is  a mystery to me right now and I’m working on it. My computer is gone and on its way to Geek central. It may not be back for two weeks. story to follow. I just got the router hooked up and I am working on my lap top. I can read my blog, post and read your blogs but the reply thing is weird. Hang with me friends I’ll get there. I’m anxious to share my “process” about the book. There is so much to talk about.
I’ll be back hopefully with photos next time. or at least a doodle.