Cliff Notes Blogging

Holey Moley we are leaving for Houston One Week from today!
-Me at 4 am
Here is the truth…I’ve neglected my blog…I’ve neglected other stuff. I’ve left the planet..
This is a cliff notes blog just tryin to keep up.

1. Sleep is over rated.
2. Did you know that you can take a power nap on the screened porch and still multi task. Yup..10 minute nap while getting some fresh air and Vitamin D.
3. You can survive for days and weeks on Cheetos
4. You have a caller ID screen…pre market is a good time to use it.
5. When you need your scanner the most it probably won’t work.
6. Brush your teeth in the shower. Time saved. 3 min.
7. Cut down on liquids. Time saved 30 minutes per day. More if you read while visiting the throne room.
8. No photos down loaded to blog. Time saved. TONS
9. No blog posting for days and days. Time saved 45 minutes per day. But depression ensues..
10. No TV no books on tape. Time saved any hours per day. Good practice for when they take you way to the “Home”.
11. Blog reading. Are you kidding me? Pioneer Woman has posted 182 times since I last read a blog. It is just wrong to read a blog when you can’t post your own…That is just wrong on sooo many levels. So how are you?
12. Answering emails… see comment above about caller ID …the same rules apply.
13. If the doctor calls about your annual visit. They can wait.
14. Don’t be late for your hair appointment and mani pedi before market.
15. If the dentist calls to tell you that you missed your teeth cleaning. Tell them you love the new whitening  tooth paste and you will see them in November..prior to holiday photo time.
16. Put the dog in the shower with you…more multi tasking. 
17. Get an absentee ballot. TAKE BACK YOUR TIME! But you must are a patriot after all.
18. Coldwater Creek has 50% off and no shipping. Purchase new outfits for market. BAM! Shopping in your PJ’s
19. If your daughter calls to say she passed her nursing exit exam and lets plan a college graduation party. Go get some Blistex because you are going to get a fever blister from the stress of all this.
20. If your other daughter calls and wants to talk about buying a new home and what design ideas do you have… tell her to watch HGTV…. you are tapped out of designs. 
21. If your son in law calls and tells you his football team is winning…tell him you are not watching world cup this year. (football? futbol?)
22. If your husband even speaks to you…the answer is….after market.
23. When you get to market…take fists full of cash to buy goodies for blogging friends….. because when you get home you are going to have a BIG BAMMA JAMMA give away to celebrate the success  survival of another trip to Houston and book manuscript delivered to Martingale Nov 12th.

Thanks for reading and hanging in there with me I will try to check in before we leave! I miss my blogging friends. (will take computer and camera for some on the scene updates…Silver Thimble Style(you know me I’ll be looking in all the wrong places for interesting thoughts on market!).