Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.
-Dan Stanford

With sewing and writing and general work going on at breakneck speed I still have some great quilts/projects to share from SEPTEMBER Thimbles meeting….and I am about to start the October meetings. Can you send me 20 more hours to add to my day? It would be greatly appreciated.
This is a Santa pillow pattern I’ve had in my pattern notebook for YEARS. I want to do it soooo badly…maybe I’ll just steal Pat B.’s yup that’s it!!
Well lookie lookie the whole table seemed to be working on these applique blocks…cutie patootie that is not a panel people…make a note!
And here is one hanging on the quilt rack…aka personal design wall. I carry mine every where I go!
Baskets..oh my how I love baskets…and I’m totally over the moon about little baskets. Look Pat quilted it on her machine with the binding already attached. hmmmm food for thought!      
I’ve got to get a grip on the meal planning around here. I’ve been so busy I eat while I’m standing up and walking through the kitchen. I never get outside. When I went to the doc yesterday they did blood work, the blood that was drawn was the color of cheetos. The only iron I get is when I’m ironing quilt blocks.. I need vegetables..I need to get some sleep too! Yup this is not so good, but then..I’ll think about this tomorrow.(insert Gone With the Wind music)