Monday Quilts and Computers

Wisdom doesn’t  necessarily come with age. Sometimes age shows up all by itself.
-Tom Wilson

I decided to share some great quilts from Thimbles club which I had not posted. I don’t understand what is up now, but my photos are taking up to 30 minutes to load onto my blog. I have been trying to get photos for hours. My computer issues are never ending. Facebook account got hacked, Emails are not going where they need to go. Debit card may have been messed with. YIKEES. PDF’s are screwy and I can’t print my photos and pattern covers…swell.

Oh well, I think I’ll just sew and write.
This quilt is under construction…I love it, Sarah is making it. It is a cottagy looking Christmas quilt that would be fabulous in my house!! hahaha (look up there in the top left corner you can see the quilt sample from the photo below.  
This is a not so great photo of 6 blocks we are doing in November. Little Quilts will be kitting the whole quilt for us in two color ways, Whittier Crossing fabrics (Mary Ellen’s latest line from Henry Glass)  and batiks. The quilt is from the book “Scrap Basket Suprise”and is called Bali Star by Kim from Magnolia Bay Quilts. I love this book and plan to use some other patterns from the book in our 2011!! Remember this is only 6 blocks the whole top will be ready to show in October. Just you wait it is fabboooo.   

I’ll be right here if you need me. I’m chained to the computer. This is my punishment for behaving so badly in Best Buy.