Project Thimble, the book

You don’t stop laughing because you grow old; you grow old because you stop laughing.
-Michael Pritchard
I think about blogging more than I actually have time to post right now. It is just that  ”  market”   time of year. Additionally, I am racing toward the deadline for ” Project Thimble”   the manuscript is due Nov 12th. Two huge events back to back. This would fall under the category of  ” ain’t life grand”  .  No sense thinking and whining about all that needs to be done, JUST GET ER DUN. 

There is so much that you don’t see about a book when you make that book purchase. Behind the scenes work that the author and publishers do. I have been telling friends of this experience and the best way I can describe it is to say that…It is not like I’m an expert on Abraham Lincoln and I go to the libraries of the world and do some research and then write a book. (all due respect to those writing any book) There is the creative part of a book about quilting that has to go first. That process can be slow..painfully slow..or fast..amazingly fast. I love the process of thinking and working on new designs. I JUST LOVE IT. It makes my skirt fly up. (and sometimes my bra flies right off too, that may be too much information, sorry).
Over the last 6 months or so I have been deep deep deep in that process and have learned so much about myself as a designer and about relaxing and just going with what I felt was right. Remember, I have been designing and making projects for the book and market at the same time. I have roughly designed, written and finished 17 quilts in 6 months (and yes I have a team of angels lending a helping hand). sheeesh I never counted those quilts and projects until just now…hold on I konked my head when I fell out of the chair I need an ice pack. 
ok back to the design story…there are a couple of projects in the book (you know I can’t show you!) that I’m so in love with I could just cry. I really love all of the projects but as with any collection there are some that stand out for me. Here is something I discovered. Sometimes the project at the pen and paper stage looks one way, at the fabric and construction stage it looks another. The design of one project in particular told ME what fabric to  choose. My first choice of fabric was waayyyyy wrong and I knew it from the start, my daughter saw some of the sample blocks on the design wall and said ” Mom, that is dark and creepy”  when I showed the sample blocks to B,K, and B they pretty much confirmed what I already knew. Start over and get it right. The color and particularly the value choices were key. The design was there and good…but I had to rethink value.  When the quilt was finished and I put it on my design wall I almost cried. It was amazing. The quilt has soooo much movement and ACTION. It is super.

What is the lesson here for all quilters? Well, think about value and contrast when you choose fabrics for a quilt. Do you want ”  sparkle.” That is best achieved with HIGH contrast. It is not necessarily the design that makes the sparkle it is the fabric and contrast.

Later on Project Thimble….blended quilts …There’s a place for us…somewhere a place for us, deee dah dee dah dah.

Oh by the way…Thank you Lord for delivering those miners back to their lives and families..and thank you for the heros and heroines who worked tirelessly to bring them out!!!! OH HAPPY  DAY!