A stumble may prevent a fall.
-English proverb

We interrupt this extensive to do list, book writing and fall market preparation…. with a wild goose chase. 
 This little doggie…this precious member of our family for 13 years decided to make a break for it and run like she was on a mission and she was on fire. Bad hips, arthritis, deaf as a door nail,semi blind she gets a crack in the front door and hauls hiney down the street….me on foot with no shoes and a leisure bra on trying to keep up with the little [email protected]#$%^&*($%^&*. Cathy and Suzanne following in hot pursuit in their cars allll through the damn neighborhood.  I’m telling you people you should have seen it. All of us screaming Come here Sophie whistle whistle whistle to a deaf senile dog who was agitated nooo lets just say she was pissed off and confused. She peed in 20 lawns and pooped about 15 times. I still could not catch her. I was sweating and my feet were raw from trucking up the asphalt streets. We called animal control to come catch her (at that point I was going to tell them to KEEP HER AND GIVE HER THE ETERNAL DIRT NAP SHOT IN HER SORRY BUTT. I mellowed when I realized that I would have to explain this to my children. 
Suzanne drove me to my house because my feet were raw, I grabbed a Frosty Paw ice cream from the freezer, my cell phone and some more doggie treats..and got my car. So now we have three cars in the chase. Thank goodness no one had a video or I would be on a U-tube for sure. I really need to invest in some better bras.. 
The ice cream worked I was able to lure the sweetie pie in..snap the leash on her and drag her butt into the car. Went home, hot sweaty and exhausted, with the added bonus of a headache. Sophie collapsed on her pillow and woke up at the stroke of 5 and looked at me, as she does every day, with…” ok mom its 5 o’clock time for my dinner”. 
Sir Quilt Dude had played in a charity golf tournament and came home to hear the above story. At eight o’clock he says to me..”  I don’t suppose you picked up the poop in all the neighbors yards while you were out did you?”    
He is asleep right now on the porch.. with the dog.