If we are friends much longer, we’ll start to look alike.
-author unknown

I think the above is true and especially true of the Silver Thimble Quilters of Grayson Georgia. We have been quilting together sew long! They understand my language…I’ve been told I have my own vernacular kinda like Dr. Seuss..”Thimble Seuss” yup. So I told everyone that we would have a “Thing” next month so everyone should bring a “Thing” in a dish to share with the group, but don’t stress out about the “Thing” cuz the holidays are just too busy for that. They understood completely what I was talking about. This is scary, see above quote. 


The quilts were amazing again. Show and Tell was so much fun. (Pictures later) We even had a visit from a Pilgrim. Great goo-ga-moo-ga (that language again!) She was so proud of that hat! Teresa is birthday girl along with her side kick Cathy. Cake ensued. Really good cake too, made and decorated by Marilyn’s daughter. I may have had too big of a piece.

I must tell you about this person. Karin .Who hates applique. It took her 40 days and 40 nights to applique that K! She complained the whole time too.  She calls it heinous applique. So what does Karin do? She signed up to do our Comfort & Joy, block of the month quilt being offered by Melisa at Sweet Home Quilt Co.  Our pattern…with applique. I tell you this because it is shocking news and because I’m going to have to form a 12 step applique program to get her through this. I promise you this is going to set quilting back 100 years.  I can just hear the whinning and b….chin right now. The program is for 8 months so the quilts can be done for next Christmas. Well, Karin has a shot at it as long as MY HEALTH holds out. Looks like 2011 will kick off with some fun. We will find out if I can teach…this may be my undoing. It is probably going to kill us both. If you come to my funneral, cheetos will be served.  We will rename the quilt Christmas Miracle if Karin manages to finish it. I’ll throw a party for that quilt. Light candles and send up the fireworks. More on this subject in 2011 you can bet on that…stay tuned. 

Bought the big dang bird…I’m cooking for 12 this week. A 22 pound bird!  My babies are comin home!!! I don’t know about you but I sooo love this holiday. Thats cuz there is so much to be thankful for. Don’t you agreeeee?