It’s Done

It is never too late to be what you might have been.
-George Eliot
I’ve forgotten what a day is like without deadlines on the other end of the day bearing down. But I intend to remember! The manuscript is done. Emailed last Thursday, quilts mailed Thursday, hard copies of everything but the kitchen sink..mailed today. Whewwww. And I haven’t even dealt with the market orders and patterns….double whewww. 

My blog, so neglected! My reading of blogs practically non existent. Today is HEINZ 57 DAY. I’m going to KETCHUP…Oh and then there is the little matter of my sewing room. It may be a two day KETCHUP process. But I shall win the ketchup process and reclaim my life and blog.  

Emily and Russ were in Atlanta yesterday (they were celebrating this). Two years…so happy.

Emily got a new lens for her camera and took some photos of me for the book. Which one do you like the best?

Somebody needs to lay off the Cheetos…