Market #2

God gave us our memories so that we might have roses in December.
-James M. Barrie
Just a few photos from market. I have so many more to share. I will try not to opine too much. 
This is only a partial view of the market floor. It’s big. Think of it as the  SUPER SIZED COMBO QUILTING MEAL. (I borrowed this photo from Melisa remind me to thank her)

This was the best man at market. He made a zillion friends. Quite possibly melted when we packed the clown car as it was 100 percent humidity. dang it was sticky hot!
Yes my friends your are seeing her…the one and only… Elinor Peace Bailey. This is a toned down outfit for her. She is her name and find out.
And the fabulous Carrie Nelson (she did not have Rosie with her on the market floor but she was in Houston!) This photo of us is in the Martingale Booth. Carrie’s book is flying off the shelves! She is the warmest, dearest, and sincerely nice person. I love her and wish I could spend more time with her! Thanks Carrie! My home is open to you if you get to Atlanta! shop hop as promised too!
More booth photos..I really did like it.  
Ok this photo will go down in my memory as Fun Fun Fun in the booth. We were writing orders and my “girls” from Princeton Ill. came by…hugging and laughing, jumping and clapping ensued, general all around chaos. Meanwhile little did I know that at that moment half the Martingale Publishing gang chose to come see me. Well, now they know how shy I am..I think I shocked them..or scared them…but I gave them the Southern welcome and had a ball. 
See the guy with the vest on?? Ty Pennington. Cutie Patootie..Yes sireee. He is designing fabric now. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know what a Y seam is..I could just teach him a thing or two!
Niffty Thrifty Dry Goods. One of my favorite booths. I could roll in the buttons and trims. No kidding my skirt flies up every time I get in that booth. I want all of it.
Here is the snow dude again on BJ’s tea towel. Pattern available mid to late November. I could just kiss him in the mouth I love him so much.

Back to my book. I have 50,000 tabs open on my computer screen. Wish you were here!