Market #3

You can find on the outside only what you possess on the inside.
-Adolfo Montiel Ballesteros

We had a ball….we worked our fannies off!

But at the end of the day…it was about the people we met and friends we made. Here is sweet Marcie having her first market! GO Marcie. I will get out of the booth next market I promise!

Showed off new goodies…but it is still about the relationships. Quilting is just like that.

Saw unbelievable artistry..Blackbird designs winning Single Booth category. My skirt blew right off and it always does with their booth.

But still it is the people. The people who jump around, grab your stuff and love on it, and let us take a photo!

We admired about a bazillion quilts. You see it all at market.

But still it is the people. BJ, I loved designing Comfort & Joy with you and I look forward to many more designs to come. I loved you before and I will love all our days ahead.

Ok it is about the people but dang this quilt is on my bucket list for sure! Buggy Barn.
My friend of OVER 30 years. Suzanne, we have seen it all through the years. There are simply no words.

Brazil, so beautiful…. could not speak 2 words of English..but her enthusiasm for our Comfort & Joy pattern was amazing. It’s all about the people….      
 I’m just sayin!