Nobody has ever measured, even the poets,
how much a heart can hold.
-Zelda Fitzgerald  (who grew up in Montgomery Alabama down the street from my mothers family)
Home from market. The blogging just didn’t happen. The truth is we were in high gear the whole time and by the time we walked into our hotel room all that could happen was.. sleep or in my case, an attempt at sleep. After standing for the entire day and talking to 20 gazillion people all we wanted to do was CRASH (I wanted to cut my feet off the dogs were sooo tired).  The committee was in full swing in the middle of the night and frequently woke me up for a “meeting”.swell
We had so much fun and worked so hard. I will say that this market for Silver Thimble Quilt Co. was a huge success. We were busy and the new quilts were very well received! I’m so pleased, grateful and thankful to the quilting community,…… these few little words can’t possibly explain all that I feel. 
Here are the two best reasons market was such a success for me. BJ on the left and Suzanne on the right. They worked their Silver Thimble butts off, we were a finely tuned booth running machine. I love them more than my self cleaning oven! Oh BTW this photo was taken outside of the Minick & Simpson booth.  
There was waaayyy to much eating of this stuff. I may never eat another piece of chocolate. Holey Moley..we are having the complete veggie plate for dinner tonight. Cooked in MY DANG KITCHEN. I’m so ashamed I will not be eating fast food or the above for a very long time!
It is a miracle that we got this stuff to Houston. This is the van neatly packed by Sir Quilt Dude. It did NOT look this good last night at mid night when we got home. It looked like a CLOWN CAR…I packed it coming home. Along with purchases made at market….be afraid…be VERY afraid….
I loved this sign. We stopped in a gas station and food store (those places are turning into grocery stores). Loved the signage.

Then of course there is the booth. I got a corner booth this trip and I loved it. You can’t tell but there are white twinkle lights with fabric strips tied on the cords at the top of the booth. It looked so good. This picture was taken before the convention people put down the final red carpet on the right side. The lights looked a little droopy in places but we fixed that. Suzanne took more photos than I did, I was busy talking to shop owners and stuff during the show so I will share her photos as soon as she gives me her photo card. Tired doesn’t even describe what BJ, Suzanne and I are feeling this morning.             

We are home safe and now I am going to work finishing my manuscript for my book. DUE NOVEMBER 12!!!

I just sprung 700 more grey hairs…more about market tomorrow.