Better three hours too soon, than one minute too late.
-William Shakespeare

I’m an on time person. No I’m a super on time person. I get to the movie theater an hour before the movie starts, my popcorn is gone before the lights dim. If you invite me to your house I will be in the driveway early waiting to ring the door bell ON TIME. I don’t do late. I hate late. It is not in my DNA. 

So guess what!! I went to market without having written all the new patterns. Why? well I was consumed with writing the “book” (remember Project Thimble). So I come home from market and had about 1.5 weeks to finish the book manuscript. At the end of that process loomed the patterns. Promised to be finished by the end of November.(then you know there was the little matter of Thanksgiving)  Guess what…LATE.(don’t get excited I’m not pregnant..that ship has sailed)  I have not done anything but try to get caught up. I have neglected my blog. I ‘ve neglected my home, friends, family ,my reader is exploding with your blog posts full of quilts and projects and I’m missing it all,  I have not been in my sewing room for weeks the worst thing of all.. I need a pedicure! . .  I have cloistered myself with  this computer. My fannie is glued to the chair.  Writing is a slow process. I would rather be writing blog posts…  There is a light flickering at the end of the tunnel but holiday stuff is beginning to take hold. I hate LATE. I’m way into the late factor . Just when I think I’ve got a grip on all that needs to be done…well you know the drill. 

Please tell me how to handle  late.  I need an intervention. I need employees, I need a case of wine. Why can’t I just be the kind of person that says ”  It will get done it its own due time”..or ”  Relax, why rush it’s already late whats  one more day”.. or ”  It IS what it IS”.. or ” FORGET ABOUT IT”.  I say all that stuff  but it doesn’t stick I never mean it…… Nope it just is not me. I am flawed for sure.

I’m whining right? 

Thank you very much for listening but I gotta go now cuz I’m late.